A colorful but dark sketch comedy project produced by Bold.Sexy.Red. Productions from Meggan Anderson, who also writes, directs and stars in the project. COMING SOON!

Director’s Statement:

Comedy by definition is any discourse intended to amuse. Sketch comedy in particular is a comedic exploration of a concept, character or a situation. With derivity from the ancient times of Greece to the vaudeville actors of the early 20th century America, these vignettes help all of us, both the creators and the audience temporarily escape from our own realities so that we can mentally and emotionally cross over the bounds of what is deemed acceptable and possible. Simply, it’s a thrill for me to fuck around with your minds!

Meggan Anderson Hypomanic EuphoriaHypomanic Euphoria was birthed from life’s experiences in particular from the past few years of my life. Both the happiest moments and the saddest moments of my life have occurred in this time frame. They say that most comedy derives from real life experiences and Hypomanic Euphoria is no exception. I am human. As such, I possess many different kinds of emotions, from the joys of life (“Feed My Fetish”), Anger and frustration (“Late Night Confessions”), to sex (“Love Song For My Burrito”); comedy’s reputation of being brutally honest is not only refreshing but enlightening!

Many say that comedians use comedy in order to heal or to hide something dramatic. I say that comedy is not only medicine but more complicated than drama. It’s easy to be serious, much harder to let your guard down by choice in order to enter into that familiar, comforting weird realm of creative craziness. Comedy is a beautiful dance of colors between what is possible and what you thought was impossible. It fades the lines between reality and your dreams.

My hope with Hypomanic Euphoria is not only to entertain you for half an hour out of your life, but to show you, the audience through comedy that your mind, your evolutionary house of your own creativity, can indisputably erase the boundaries between reality and your own visionary thoughts.


Save 15% by clicking here! Add coupon code: MEGGAN.‘Hip Appeal After Dark’ is a 30 second commercial spot for the company, Hip Appeal. Hip Appeal caters to the fashion conscience, active, on the go female. They create practical, but modernly fashionable, more Hip more Appealing versions of the fanny pack that are comfortable, stylish and yet not embarrassing to those who wear it for support, storage and security. This commercial is produced by Bold.Sexy.Red. Productions. Directed, written by and starring Meggan Anderson. Cinematography: Matt Crotteau.

Meggan appears in a new commercial print campaign for the vegan company, Joy And Karma! As their new brand ambassador, Meggan loves their new line of facial serums! “Their Vitamin C Serum has the perfect texture, making my skin feel perfectly smooth; and their Hyaluronic Acid Serum hydrates my skin making it fresh and new!” says Meggan. “I am happy that Bold.Sexy.Red. [Meggan's production company] produced and created this print campaign for a vegan company that we are big fans of!”

Meggan Anderson

Meggan AndersonMeggan graced multiple product shots for the new Brazilian jewelry line, Maia Bijoux! The images will be used on the company’s website and their catalogs. “I absolutely love their jewelry!” says Meggan. “I love all things that sparkle, and I like the versatility of their pieces too! I could wear them just about everywhere! Maia Bijoux let me keep the pieces that I shot in, and I can’t seem to stop wearing them!”

Meggan’s production company, Bold.Sexy.Red. produced and captured these beautiful images! Photography by Matt Crotteau.

Meggan Anderson

Meggan AndersonAs a highly-experienced leg parts model/double, Meggan’s legs are being featured in the premier issue of the Portuguese E-Magazine, Inovar & Crescer (English translation, “Innovate & Grow”). The image will be showcased as a part of a featured cover article about the various forms of hair removal in the spa-themed magazine. The image was produced my Meggan’s production company, Bold.Sexy.Red. Photography by Matt Crotteau.

Meggan was featured in a new comedy sketch, the ’7 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts,’ from the mind of comedian Jason Horton. Check out both the sketch and the behind-the-scenes video below! Don’t make these same gift mistakes! Yikes!

Meggan Anderson Nineteen PETA Activists were arrested during the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California on New Year’s Day. They were detained and handcuffed by police when attempting to block and sit in front of a SeaWorld-sponsored float in the parade. They wore shirts and held signs that said “SeaWorld hurts Orcas” and “Boycott SeaWorld.” SeaWorld’s float, oddly was the only float in the Rose Parade to have Police and security escorts. The float entry received mixed reactions.

Meggan AndersonSince the debut of Blackfish, a documentary about Tilikum, a captive Orca who lives at SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld has felt the hit by people realizing how the lights and the glamour are covering up something more dark. “More and more people are becoming aware of the awful prison that is SeaWorld,” says Meggan Anderson, one of the arrested protesters. “SeaWorld destroys families and has a horrible track history of care for their animals and trainers both. Captivity is NO way for anyone to learn more about these beautiful animals.”


The ‘SeaWorld 19′ spent five hours in jail. Their later court date in Pasadena was met with a large demonstration of animal rights activists in support of the ‘SeaWorld 19′ on suspicion of “interfering with a special event,” a misdemeanor violation that’s local to the city of Pasadena.

Meggan Anderson SeaWorld PETA

Meggan Anderson SeaWorld PETA






































“We were in good spirits during the process,” says Anderson. “Our photo taken in the cop van is now infamous on social media!”

Anderson says that marine parks like SeaWorld directly pay for the dolphin hunt in Taji, Japan, that was made well-known by the Oscar-winning documentary, The Cove. “Fisherman in Taji, Japan make very little income on dolphins that they slaughter for meat. But during the same hunting drive, marine animal trainers from all over the world literally pick the dolphins from the bunch that they think will be  the best ‘performing animals.’ They turn around and pay the fisherman 10-20 times what the dolphin would have been sold for as meat instead. Marine parks are the DIRECT reason that dolphins are being slaughtered in Japan. By purchasing a ticket for SeaWorld, you are literally paying for a dolphin slaughter a half a World away that you don’t even realize they you’re paying for.”

Meggan was a recent guest on the ActorsE Show, a podcast from Actor’s Entertainment (with over 4 million views!) Check it out!
Meggan Anderson

Meggan is featured in two  comedy sketches produced by Kill 9 Studios as a part of YouTube’s Geek Week! “Shooting in the new YouTube Space was such an amazing experience! It’s a filmmakers Chuck-E-Cheese! Swinging from jungle vines, twerking at Meltdown Comics…what more could a girl ask for?” Thank you to The Nerdist for highlighting the sketches!

You can watch both sketches and their behind-the-scenes counterparts below!

‘Lady Meggan’ played chess at Liz Goldwyn’s The Painted Lady debut! Held at the historic Hearst Suite of the Los Altos Apartments in Los Angeles, attendees walked through a transformed world of a 19th-century brothel, with the Victorian “Ladies of the House” in their after hour moments. Meggan performed in the room of domination, dressed in Victorian whips, scented perfume, candles and even a piano man obeying her every demand. The art installation concluded with a debut screening of Liz Goldwyn’s latest short film, The Painted Lady starring Jena Malone. The event was presented by MAC Cosmetics.

 Meggan Anderson