Bold.Sexy.Red. Productions Logo

Bold.Sexy.Red. Productions was created by Meggan Anderson in order to produce sketch comedy content for and to creatively be able to collaborate on other creative content with other artists.

Bold.Sexy.Red. focuses mainly on three production mediums; film (sketch comedy, commercials, short-films, fashion/editorial promos, product/service industrials), photography (commercial print campaigns, editorial prints), and voice-overs (commercial, narration, IVR services). Bold.Sexy.Red.‘s production capabilities along with Anderson’s Social Media Influence, can showcase your brand to a new audience of over 10,000 across multiple platforms! Her YouTube Channel has almost a quarter of a million views!

If your brand is in need of product videos, fashion promos/editorials, professional commercial print campaigns, commercial/IVR voice-overs, sponsored social media imagery posts or videos, please contact through the ‘Contact’ tab in the top menu. Please include what your production needs are, your company website/product information and your budget. To date, Bold.Sexy.Red. has been commissioned to produce 250 Videos, 50 Commercial Print Campaigns and has had more than 400 voice-over clients!

You can check out some of Bold.Sexy.Red.‘s videos and commercial print campaigns below!